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A curated list of awesome android things tutorials, libraries and much more at one place

164 23 Updated Jan 18, 2017

UniversalPreferences is simple Android library that allows you to use Shared Preferences in an easy way.

Java 33 5 Updated Sep 28, 2016

Simple, pretty and powerful logger for android

Java 5,582 1,069 Updated Jan 13, 2017

A small, easy to use android library for implementing flipping between views as seen in the popular Flipboard application

Java 744 261 Updated Sep 15, 2016

A simple template project for test-driven Android development using Robolectric and Gradle

Java 468 143 Updated Jan 11, 2017

Android OBD-II Reader application that uses pure OBD-II PID's Java API.

Java 484 325 Updated Aug 1, 2016

effects for android notifications

Java 894 312 Updated May 2, 2015
Java 4 4 Updated Jul 18, 2014

This is a custom Android framework EditText that Includes validations and custom font picking (xml attributes and programatically). Future feature additions will include basic, native rich text editing functionality.

Java 38 19 Updated Oct 31, 2013

Twitter auth api with single method call using android fragment.

Java 13 1 Updated Dec 3, 2014

Standalone Android widget for picking a single date from a calendar view.

Java 3,496 1,069 Updated Jan 13, 2017

This library provides a simple way to add a draggable sliding up panel (popularized by Google Music and Google Maps) to your Android application. Brought to you by Umano.

Java 5,717 1,779 Updated Oct 25, 2016

Paging indicator widgets compatible with the ViewPager from the Android Support Library and ActionBarSherlock.

Java 8,540 4,220 Updated Jan 5, 2017

An Android library that allows you to easily create applications with slide-in menus. You may use it in your Android apps provided that you cite this project and include the license in your app. Thanks!

Java 10,131 5,603 Updated Oct 16, 2016

Android database tutorial

Java 14 11 Updated Jun 22, 2012

How to check Internet connection dynamically via Broadcast Receiver

Java 1 1 Updated Jun 16, 2012

Custom Component Design for Android

Java 7 3 Updated Jun 10, 2012

This is a continuous slider project. It smoothly slides through the same set of images repeatedly.

Java 42 26 Updated Nov 22, 2013