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Faster MIS reductions through parallelism, dependency checking and reduction tracking
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This is the Code written for the paper "Scalable Kernelization for Maximum Independent Sets" if you would like to use it for your publication, please cite the following paper:

Hespe, Demian, Christian Schulz, and Darren Strash. "Scalable kernelization for maximum independent sets." 2018 Proceedings of the Twentieth Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments (ALENEX). Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2018.

In the above paper, we first kernelize the graph using the LinearTime algorithm from

For partitioning, we used ParHIP (


mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release


./benchmark [input file] --partition_path=[partition file] --output=[output file] --console_log

[input file] should be an unweighted graph in the METIS graph format

[partition file] should be a file containing one line for each vertex in the graph specifying it's partition index, with the first index being 0. The file name should have the form [number of blocks].partition


All files are under the MIT license, except for src/MaximumMatching.cpp which was released under the BSD 3-clause license by the original authors

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