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-Add: Catalan translation
-Add: Swedish translation
-Add: Chinese (Taiwan) translation
-Add: Romanian translation
-Fix: Don't mix up total tracks and total discs when reading vorbis comments
-Add: Slovenian translation
-Fix: Update normalize filter widget properly
-Fix: Show more than one filter widget at a time
-Fix: Load normalize options properly from saved profiles (could lead to a crash)
-Add: Italian translation
-Fix: Find normalize properly
-Add: French translation
-Add: Update translations
-Remove: French translation (only 58% translated)
1.9.90 (2.0.0 rc1):
-Add: Option to not modify the audio stream of mp3 files when calculating Replay Gain
-Add: libav plugin
-Fix: Modify mp3 stream when forcing the recalculation of Replay Gain
-Fix: Don't try to calculate Replay Gain if it is impossible
-Fix: Down/upmixing with sox
-Fix: Sox effects wouldn't work
-Fix: Recognice mp3 and amr nb encoding support in ffmpeg/libav plugins
-Fix: Crash when encoding with sox and without filters
-Fix: Calculate Replay Gain if there is only one track in the album
1.9.80 (2.0.0 beta1):
-Add: Parallel Replay Gain calculation in the Replay Gain tool
-Add: Move tracks to new Album via context menu in the Replay Gain tool
-Add: sox plugin with support for some new file formats (8svx, aiff, amr wb)
-Add: Convert sample rate and sample size, downmix and apply effects (normalize, bass and treble) using sox
-Add: Copy embedded covers for ogg files using METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE
-Add: Option to switch between COMMENT and DESCRIPTION as preferred comment field for ogg vorbis and flac files
-Add: Option to select preferred total tracks/discs number fields for ogg vorbis and flac files
-Add: Copy the tags total tracks/discs number, MusicBrainz Track Id and MusicBrainz Release Id
-Add: Compression level option for the lame plugin
-Add: Opus support (via opus-tools)
-Change: Remember dimensions of the sub-windows and dialogs
-Change: Sampling rate and number of channels can as of now only be changed through a filter plugin (currently only sox)
-Change: Immediately start converting a file after adding it to the file list if the conversion is running in queue mode
-Change: Quit soundKonverter when canceling the CD ripper dialog if soundKonverter was started with the --rip option
-Change: Quit the Replay Gain tool when it gets closed
-Change: Rename the m4a format to m4a/aac and alac to m4a/alac
-Fix: Handle internal Replay Gain calculation properly
-Fix: Don't accept dropping tracks onto albums with different codec or sampling rate in the Replay Gain tool
-Fix: Better file type recognition
-Fix: Output options control via command line parameters when ripping audio cds
-Fix: User defined parameters for mpcenc when using a preset
-Fix: Don't stall when Replay Gain plugin returns error code (e.g. when trying to remove musepack gain)
-Fix: Some memory leaks
-Fix: Performance improvements when adding large directories
-Fix: Recognize file type correctly if extension is upper case
-Fix: Dropping directories on the Replay Gain tool wouldn't work
-Add: Brazilian Portuguese translation (by André Marcelo Alvarenga)
-Fix: Make sure the file chooser dialog won't get overlayed by the options dialog in non-KDE environments
-Fix: Skip files that ought to be skipped instead of generating a new file name
-Fix: Make saving custom profiles work again
-Fix: Don't mix up the output directory history for metadata and normal mode
-Fix: Show proper progress when applying album gain
-Fix: Don't try to restore the file list when calling soundKonverter while it is running
-Add: Update translations
-Fix: When loading file lists some options were ignored
1.5.90 (1.6.0 rc1):
-Add: Make the 'Failed' status click-able and open the log if clicked
-Add: Make the file name of covers written to the output directory configureble
-Change: Remove the info tab from the options editor
-Change: Discard changes in the options editor when selecting a different file in file list
-Fix: Problem dialog wasn't shown when dropping unsupported files on the soundKonverter or ReplayGain tool window
-Fix: Show progress when decoding properly
-Fix: Crash when in options editor opened items finished
-Fix: Crash with ogg files containing covers but no mime type or description
-Add: Update translations
1.4.90 (1.5.0 rc1):
-Add: Copy embedded covers for wma files
-Add: Calculate Album Gain for albums in the conversion list
-Add: Russian translation
-Change: Replace Spanish Argentinan translation (es_AR) with Spanish (es) since KDE isn't able to use es_AR translations
-Fix: Cdrom drive detection would fail with Ubuntu 12.04 (patch by Eike Thaden)
-Fix: Musicbrainz lookup not working if data track present (patch by Eike Thaden)
-Fix: Don't show data tracks in the CD ripper UI (patch by Eike Thaden)
-Fix: Musicbrainz lookup would only work through the freedb gateway (patch by Eike Thaden)
-Add: Show progress bar when loading file lists
1.3.90 (1.4.0 rc1):
-Add: TTA Enc plugin
-Add: sad (Black & White audio file) support
-Add: Improved saving of the last used conversion profile
-Change: Reduce amount of alerts when dropping unsupported file types (like images) on the file list
-Fix: Files added with "add directory" could fail
-Change: Piping is disabled by default, it can be activated in the config dialog though
-Fix: Some piping bugs with vorbistools and ffmpeg
-Fix: Crash when adding a directory
-Fix: Crash when trying to write covers (attempt #2)
-Add: Update translations
-Fix: Crash when trying to write covers
-Add: Update translations
1.2.90 (1.3.0 rc1):
-Add: Copy embedded covers for ogg (only reading), mp3, mp4 and flac files
-Add: Option to copy embedded covers to the output directory
-Add: Honor total disc numbers
-Add: Session management
-Change: By default log files won't be written to the hard drive anymore, it can be activated in the config dialog though
-Fix: Conversion problems when using pipes with newer KDE/Qt versions
-Fix: Don't write empty tags
-Fix: Initial loading of conversion profiles
-Add: French translation
-Fix: Make mplayer log less when decoding videos
-Fix: Remove old log files on start up
-Add: Update translations
-Remove: French, Serbian, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese translations since they are less than 80% complete
1.1.90 (1.2.0 rc1):
-Add: Aften plugin
-Add: Speex plugin
-Add: Plugin info dialog
-Add: Make it possible to use experimental codecs with ffmpeg
-Add: Make it possible to use user defined arguments with ffmpeg
-Add: Re-add aac/m4a encoding to the ffmpeg plugin
-Change: Query ffmpeg for supported codecs
-Add: Estonian translation (by Mihkel Tõnnov)
-Add: Serbian translation (by Slobodan Terzić)
-Add: Spanish (Argentinian) translation (by akana_sfe)
-Change: Only use wav as temp codec
1.0.90 (1.1.0 rc1):
-Add: Portuguese translation (by Sérgio Marques)
-Add: Brazilian Portuguese translation (by Tex Weissffudder)
-Add: Russian translation (by Alexey Ivanov)
-Add: Inform the user if there is a better backend available for a given format (e.g. prefer lame over ffmpeg)
-Add: Make it possible to choose the preferred extension for ogg vorbis files
-Add: Playing CD tracks before ripping them
-Add: Fluidsynth plugin
-Add: Possibility to write temporary files to /dev/shm
-Change: Prevent options dialogs from getting too wide
-Change: Automatically remove FAT incompatible characters if output directory is on a FAT volume
-Change: MusePack: Find mpenc, mpcdec and mpcgain backends, too
-Fix: CDDB requests
-Fix: Handle files with dollar signs and backticks (`) correctly
-Fix: Filnames wouldn't be FAT compatible if output mode was copy directory structure
-Fix: Display correct progress when applying Replay Gain to multiple ogg vorbis files
-Fix: Replay Gain Scanner wouldn't work properly with files of different format
-Add: Option to choose between APE and ID3v2 tags for mp3gain and aacgain
-Add: Hungarian translation (by Dr. Orosz Tamás)
-Add: French translation (by Yannick Ernult)
-Change: Make it possible to overwrite hidden lame parameters with the additional parameters option
-Change: Distinguish between aac and m4a files, where aac is the transport stream and m4a an mp4 container with aac data; mp4 is the video container
-Fix: Call neroAacEnc with the correct bitrate
-Fix: Undo mp3gain and aacgain changes correctly
-Fix: Load the right Replay Gain plugin
0.9.95 (1.0.0 rc3):
-Add: Updated czech translation (by Pavel Fric)
-Add: Read Replay Gain in more formats
-Add: Save last 5 output directory paths (accessible through the directory combobox)
-Add: Option to specify how the Replay Gain scanner should group files
-Change: Close soundkonverter if --autoclose was passed, even if the main window is visible
-Change: Remove internal Replay Gain calculation from lame plugin since it's not writing tags
-Change: Use PATH variable to find backends
-Change: Activate Replay Gain tool when adding files
-Fix: Display correct conversion options in the conversion options editor with multiple files selected
-Fix: Apply output directory to the conversion options input widget
-Fix: Don't update conversion options or tags in the conversion options editor with multiple files selected if they don't match
-Fix: Make edit conversion options/tags buttons in the conversion options editor work
-Fix: Fix possible crash in the log viewer
-Fix: Handle files with quotation characters (") correctly
-Fix: When adding multiple files of different formats, the formats wouldn't be recognized correctly
0.9.94 (1.0.0 rc2):
-Add: Updated czech translation (by Pavel Fric)
-Fix: Tint items in the Replay Gain scanner red while calculating Replay Gain
-Fix: Make the Replay Gain scanner skip file with calculated tags
-Fix: Ensure items in the file list and Replay Gain file list get redrawn after an update
-Fix: Hide open directory dialog before scanning the directory to show the progressbar
-Fix: Don't crash when deleting file list items
-Fix: Don't recognize vorbis files as flac
-Fix: Call lame with correct --abr and --cbr parameters
0.9.93 (1.0.0 rc1):
-Add: Video formats for ffmpeg and mplayer
-Add: German translation
-Change: Re-enable the CD ripper (using paranoia again)
-Change: Save frames properly when generating cuesheet files
-Fix: Retry conversion if file output size is too small
-Fix: Delete temp files properly if a conversion pipe failed
-Fix: alac extensions
-Fix: Some bugs in the CD ripper dialog
-Fix: Drag'n'drop directories wouldn't work
-Fix: Make shortcuts work
0.9.92 (1.0.0 beta3):
-Add: User defined command line arguments for lame and some new plugins
-Add: User defined command to execute after a file has been converted
-Add: Create action menus for the file manager
-Add: Flake plugin
-Add: TwoLame plugin (Warning: Corrupted a file while testing)
-Add: Monkey's Audio Compressor plugin
-Add: WavPack and Wv Gain plugin
-Add: shorten plugin
-Add: MusePack codec and replaygain plugins
-Change: Disable CD ripper, due to some incompatibilitys with kde (still accessible through the command line though)
-Change: Create temp files in the kde-user temp dir
-Change: Remove partially converted files on abort or fail
-Change: Remove old KDE4 action menus created by soundKonverter 0.3
-Fix: Remove audio/mpeg mime type from mp1 and mp2 codecs in the ffmpeg and mplayer plugins because it would conflict with mp3
-Fix: soundKonverter would get stuck when trying to add replaygain (add argument for mp3gain/aacgain to lower gain to avoid clipping)
-Fix: soundkonverter would crash when trying to rip a cd or add files if the options widget can't be initialized correctly
-Fix: The options widget wasn't initialized correctly causing some crashes
-Fix: Don't truncate text in the combo button (add files, etc.)
-Fix: Try the plugin selected by the user in the detailed tab at first
-Fix: The options editor dialog would show wrong data
0.9.91 (1.0.0 beta2):
-Add: flac and metaflac plugins
-Add: faac, neroaac and aacgain plugins
-Add: timidity plugin
-Add: Enclosing %x space holders in the output directory with "[]" will only activate the space holder if the tag is not empty
-Add: Czech translation (by Pavel Fric)
-Change: use input file name as output file name if output mode is set to "metadata" and the file name can't be filled with either the track number or title
-Change: added message box to warn the user when trying to rip audio cds with kde < 4.4.0
-Change: don't close soundkonverter when started invisible but the conversion was aborted by the user
-Change: don't save file list after each succeeded conversion because it was slowing down the conversion when converting a lot of files
-Fix: File conflict handling
-Fix: Update file list if configuration changed
-Fix: Rip CDs by passing parameters to soundkonverter
-Fix: Replay Gain tool would only process one file/album
-Fix: Downloading files from remote locations
-Fix: Options editor wouldn't save modified tags
-Fix: Hitting the button "edit tags" in the options editor wouldn't work
-Fix: The options editor would cause a crash when files where removed from the file list
-Fix: Race condition when trying to convert multiple files having the same output file name simultaneously
0.9.90 (1.0.0 beta1):
First usable release of the soundKonverter 1.0 series
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