Yara Ruleset along with integration to add rules to maldet for scanning Linux servers
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Yara rulset based on php shells and other webserver malware.

Installation instruction

git clone https://github.com/Hestat/lw-yara.git

scanning using clamav with custom rules

example at https://laskowski-tech.com/2018/04/26/eitest-cleanup-part-2-using-clamav-and-custom-yara-rules/

clamscan -ir -l /root/scanresults.txt -d /root/lw-yara/lw-rules_index.yar -d /root/lw-yara/lw.hdb /path/to/scan/

In clamscan

-ir flag will only report infected files and will scan recursively

-d flag allows you to specify a custom database, here we have 2 a hash database and a yara ruleset

-l creates a log of the scan

need to have clamav 98 or newer to parse Yara signatures

More info here:


This is still work in progress

Includes an install script to allow for the rules to be added to the maldet scanner.



Can be used indepentent of maldet if yara is already installed.

To add to maldet run the install-rules.sh script.