FOEDUS: Fast Optimistic Engine for Data Unification Services
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FOEDUS: Fast Optimistic Engine for Data Unification Services


FOEDUS is a new transactional key-value store developed at Hewlett-Packard Labs that is optimized for a large number of CPU cores and NVRAM storage (or fast SSD). It is a handy C++ library you can either include in your source code (by invoking CMake script) or dynamically link to. In a nutshell, it is something like BerkeleyDB, but it is much more efficient on new hardware.

For more details, take a look at the overview paper.

Latest News

Jun 8, 2016: FOEDUS was introduced at HP Discover 2016. HPE has announced its initiative to bring The Machine to open source developers. FOEDUS is a part of the initial set of open source tools. For more details, check these out.


We have split the original repository into a few sub repositories for easier maintenance.

  • foedus_code : Main source code repository.
  • foedus_oa_papers : Open Access Publication (papers/slides etc) repository.
  • foedus_papers : (So far private) Drafts/Non-OA Publication repository.
  • foedus_results : Experimental results and other large binary files.

Most of you would be only interested in foedus_code. Especially, start with reading READMEs in these folders:


Most Jenkins services were migrated to public cloud, but aarch64 server is still in private network.