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Lustre Metrics Exporter

Go Report Card Build Status

Prometheus exporter for Lustre metrics.


go get


cd $GOPATH/src/


./lustre_exporter <flags>


  • collector.ost=disabled/core/extended
  • collector.mdt=disabled/core/extended
  • collector.mgs=disabled/core/extended
  • collector.mds=disabled/core/extended
  • collector.client=disabled/core/extended
  • collector.generic=disabled/core/extended
  • collector.lnet=disabled/core/extended

All above flags default to the value "extended" when no argument is submitted by the user.

Example: ./lustre_exporter --collector.ost=disabled --collector.mdt=core --collector.mgs=extended

The above example will result in a running instance of the Lustre Exporter with the following statuses:

  • collector.ost=disabled
  • collector.mdt=core
  • collector.mgs=extended
  • collector.mds=extended
  • collector.client=extended
  • collector.generic=extended
  • collector.lnet=extended

Flag Option Detailed Description

  • disabled - Completely disable all metrics for this portion of a source.
  • core - Enable this source, but only for metrics considered to be particularly useful.
  • extended - Enable this source and include all metrics that the Lustre Exporter is aware of within it.

What's exported?

All Lustre procfs and procsys data from all nodes running the Lustre Exporter that we perceive as valuable data is exported or can be added to be exported (we don't have any known major gaps that anyone cares about, so if you see something missing, please file an issue!).

See the issues tab for all known issues.


In the event that you encounter issues with specific metrics (especially on versions of Lustre older than 2.7), please try disabling those specific troublesome metrics using the documented collector flags in the 'disabled' or 'core' state. Users have encountered bugs within Lustre where specific sysfs and procfs files miscommunicate their sizes, causing read calls to fail.


To contribute to this HPE project, you'll need to fill out a CLA (Contributor License Agreement). If you would like to contribute anything more than a bug fix (feature, architectural change, etc), please file an issue and we'll get in touch with you to have you fill out the CLA.