Golang bindings for OneView api's
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HPE OneView golang bindings

Build Status

HPE OneView allows you to treat your physical infrastructure as code, and now you can integrate your favorite tools based in golang with HPE OneView.

Build requirements

We use docker to build and test, run this project on a system that has docker. If you don't use docker, you will need to install and setup go-lang locally as well as any other make requirements. You can use USE_CONTAINER=false environment setting for make to avoid using docker. Otherwise make sure to have these tools:

  • docker client and daemon
  • gnu make tools

Testing your changes

From a container

make test

Without docker

  • Install golang 1.5 or higher(We recommend using Go 1.11)
  • Install go packages listed in .travis.yml
USE_CONTAINER=false make test


We welcome your contributions to the HPE OneView golang SDK. See CONTRIBUTING.md for more details.

Hacking Guide

Use the hacking guide to run local acceptance testing and debugging local contributions. Currently test cases are not supported portion of our CI/CD approval process but might be made available from this test suite in the future. Contributions to the test suite is appreciated.


This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for full license text.