HPE SimpliVity plug-in for Micro Focus HCM
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HPE SimpliVity plug-in for Micro Focus HCM


The HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure is designed from the ground up for today’s highly virtualized IT environments. The solution eliminates cost and complexity by consolidating a variety of IT functions—including compute, storage, network switching, replication, and backup—onto virtualized, industry-standard x86 hardware. Unlike legacy IT solutions based on monolithic data architectures, the HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure performs inline data deduplication, compression, and optimization on all data at inception across all phases of the data lifecycle. By minimizing I/O and network traffic, routine operations such as application cloning, backup, and restore functions can be completed in seconds or minutes instead of hours or even days.

MicroFocus® Hybrid cloud management

Hybrid cloud management (HCM) is multi-cloud management software designed to address these challenges. MicroFocus offers enterprise-class software that enables self-service, hybrid service design, service deployment automation, process orchestration and continuous application delivery through application release orchestration.

HPE SimpliVity and MicroFocus HCM

HPE and MicroFocus have developed an integration plugin which links HPE SimpliVity and MicroFocus HCM, while enabling the direct management and operation of a SimpliVity environment from within HCM. If HCM is already being used to manage an existing hybrid environment, HPE SimpliVity can easily be integrated into that environment via the plugin, thereby exposing its data services to enable lifecycle management.


The following HPE Simplivity data services operations may be automated from the MicroFocus HCM suite.

  • Create, delete and update a backup policy
  • Create, delete, and resize an HPE SimpliVity datastore
  • Set backup policy for a virtual machine
  • Backup and restore a virtual machine
  • Move a virtual machine
  • Clone a virtual machine
  • Display the list of backups and their sizes associated with a certain virtual machine

The HCM self-service portal offers users and administrators the ability to perform a number of operations through the integration plugin/content pack for HPE Simplivity.


Using the hybrid cloud management dashboard/self-service portal of the HCM suite, an administrator can perform these HPE Simplivity operations:

  • Create, delete and resize an HPE Simplivity datastore
  • Create, delete and update HPE Simplivity backup policies
  • Perform lifecycle operations for a virtual machine


Using the self-service portal, users/consumers can perform the following operations:

  • Deploy/clone a virtual machine
  • Backup and restore a virtual machine
  • Invoke a backup policy


The free HPE SimpliVity/HCM plugin is available from MicroFocus Marketplace https://marketplace.microfocus.com/itom/content/capsule-hpe-simplivity