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A Terraform provider for oneview

Installing terraform-provider-oneview with Go

  • Install Go 1.11. For previous versions, you may have to set your $GOPATH manually, if you haven't done it yet.
  • Install Terraform 0.11.x from here and save it into /usr/local/bin/terraform folder (create it if it doesn't exists). This provider DOES NOT SUPPORT Terraform 0.12 or above.
  • Download the code by issuing a go get command.
# Download the source code for terraform-provider-oneview
# and build the needed binary, by saving it inside $GOPATH/bin
$ go get -u

# Copy the binary to have it along the terraform binary
$ mv $GOPATH/bin/terraform-provider-oneview /usr/local/bin/terraform

Using terraform-provider-oneview with Docker

We also provide a lightweight and easy way to test and execute terraform-provider-oneview. The prisood/terraform-provider-oneview docker image contains an installation of Terraform and our provider you can use by just pulling down the Docker Image:

# Download and store a local copy of terraform-provider-oneview and
# use it as a Docker image.
$ docker pull prisood/terraform-provider-oneview

# Run docker commands using the "ash" shell from Alpine, this will create
# a sh session where you can create files, issue commands and execute both
# terraform and the provider with ease.
$ docker run -it prisood/terraform-provider-oneview /bin/sh

Provider Information

For authentication, you need to provide the provider information in examples:

provider "oneview" {
	ov_username = "<ov_username>"
	ov_password = "<ov_password>"
	ov_endpoint = "<ov_endpoint>"
	ov_sslverify = true/false
	ov_apiversion = <ov_apiversion>
	ov_domain = "<ov_domain>"
	ov_ifmatch = "*"

Note: Currently this SDK supports OneView API 1200 minimally where we can test OneView API 1200 version with this SDK. No new fields have been added/deleted to support API 1200 version. Complete support will be done in next releases.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Version and changes

To view history and notes for this version, view the Changelog.

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