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@Hexagon Hexagon released this 13 Aug 21:48
· 53 commits to master since this release


  • BREAKING: feature(pattern): 7.0.0 introduces the nth weekday specifier # allowing patterns such as 0 0 0 * * 5#2 for the second friday in every month.
  • chore(deps): Updated dev dependencies

Note: Compared to previous versions, there's a change in the way L functions in the day-of-week field. In version 6.x, L had flexibility in its positioning: both LSUN and SUNL were valid expressions to denote the last Sunday of the month. However, starting from version 7.x, L must be used in a more standardized way, in conjunction with the nth weekday specifier #, like so: SUN#L.

Check out the documentation at for more details.

Full Changelog: 6.0.7...7.0.0