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Basic (and imcomplete as of now) python implementation of the API in its 0.8 version, which is outdate but still functional.

This API implementation uses the TRUE backend API, instead of interfacing with the website like every other " API" available on Github. This way, we can avoid CAPTCHAs altogether, and thus make a lot more requests before being limited. This is the only true implementation I'm aware of. Let me know if others exist.

If you're curious to know how I managed to reverse-engineer their API, you can read this blog post.

How does it work ?

See the file for an example. The rest of the code is pretty much self explanatory and if you're using it, you should logically be able to understand the code.

What am I seeing ? Why is there Java files ?

Well, the part that generate the HMAC has been decompiled from the AskFM .apk file. The bytecode has been translated back to Java, and I was too lazy to reimplement it in Python, so... yeah. The python function that generates the HMAC basically calls your system's java installation and run the Main class from the AskSignature folder, which takes argumetns and return the HMAC on stdout. It's ugly, but it works. And I'm okay with it :)

By the way, the HMAC generation code needs a secret key. I voluntarily censored it from the source code for various reasons (the most obvious one is that if AskFM used it, I guess they wanted to prevent people from reverse engineering their API, and I'm not sure about intellectual property here, so better be safe than sorry - I contacted them asking if they were okay with me using their API to make bots : they did not answer negatively and even communicated with one of the bots I created. Strange, since their ToS seems to prohibite the use of "automation"). If you want to use this code, you'll have to find this key by decompiling the AskFM .apk file yourself... sorry.

TODO / Wanna contribute ?

There are still multiple things to do. The first would be to implement a more recent version of their API. They are not retro-compatible, because basic endpoints like the login/authentication endpoint, changes between versions. Also, if you feel like implementing the HMAC generation code in Python, feel free to do it, and submit a Pull Request. I'll gladly merge it if it works :)


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