Hexcore Cellular Automata Simulator and Editor
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HxCAS is a Cellular Automata Simulator and Editor. HxCAS simulates 2-dimensional cellular automata where each cell can have multiple properties.

More information can be found in the wiki


  • 2D and 3D visualisation
  • Distributed calculation
  • Automatic client discovery
  • Domain-specific language for cell rules - language reference
  • Multiple properties per cell
  • Homogeneous and Heterogeneous worlds
  • Square, Hexagonal and Triangular cell shapes

Compilation Prerequisites

The project includes Eclipse project settings. The project has been successfully compiled with the following versions of Eclipse:

  • Helios
  • Indigo
  • Juno

HxCAS has been successfully compiled with the following versions of Java:

  • 1.6
  • 1.7

HxCAS has been successfully compiled and includes native libraries for the following platforms:

  • Windows 64bit
  • Linux 64bit

Compilation Types

HxCAS can be compiled in two ways from Eclipse:

  1. Standard source compile
  2. Full ANT compile

Under normal circumstances a standard compile is all that is needed. Under default circumstances Eclipse will perform a compile on the code automatically in the background. Successful compilation can be confirmed by clicking on the "run" button in Eclipse.

A full ANT compile can be performed by running the build.xml file with ANT. This is only necessary when the file: CoCo/CAL.atg has been changed or any of CoCo's generated files need to be restored. These files are:

  • src/com/hexcore/cas/rulesystems/CAL.java
  • src/com/hexcore/cas/rulesystems/Parser.java
  • src/com/hexcore/cas/rulesystems/Scanner.java

Upon invocation ANT will run CoCo on the CAL.atg grammar file generating the abovementioned source files and move them into their correct locations before performing a full compile on all source.

Running HxCAS

The main HxCAS program can be started in Eclipse by running Server.java. Outside of Eclipse Server.bat (Windows) or Server.sh (Linux) can be run.