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All you need to code in Visual Foxpro language with sublime text 2, ST2, foxpro syntax coloring, commands, compile, run, browse, modify structure
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Visual Foxpro.sublime-completions


All you need to code in Foxpro

Os: Windows 64 Bits Supported

Features: Added properties, methods and events to syntax coloring as... keyword.method/property/event

Ctrl+Shift+p Foxpro: Console

-> Open up Foxpro

Foxpro: Compile

-> Compiles the current opened .prg file (Others are ignored)

Foxpro: Run

-> It is the "Do" Command in the fox cmd, example:

   input:       c:\path\func with 1,'j',39

Foxpro: Browse

-> Browse a table just like you do "use xalias" "browse", if you just press enter with no parameters it will open a dialog to find the table to browse.

Foxpro: Modify Structure

-> Modify a table Structure just as the fox command, if you press enter with no parameters it will open a dialog to find the table to modify.

Foxpro: Edit Completions snippets

-> Opens the file to edit the completion snippets


  • Function, Procedure, Seek, Seek()... etc..

How to install:

Control Package: Foxpro IDE Simulator

Special thanks to:

Matt Slay

Alejandro Sanchez

Othoniel Cazarez

Jorge Chavez

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