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Configure hextags.cfg

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By default you file will look like this:

ALL // lines will be ignored.

//	All the avaible colors are: (colorvariables supported).
//  Custom colors(DON'T MIX THEM):
//     Put them at the "key" start.
//  1. {rainbow} -> Make every character follow the rainbow colors.
//  2. {random} -> Make every character random colored.
//	NOTE: Using Custom colors the max message length is gonna be half (from 128 to 64)
//	The priority is configurable from the hextags-order.txt file, by default it is:
//	STEAM ID (SteamID) --> Can be STEAM_0 or STEAM_1 .
//	ADMIN GROUP (AdminGroup) --> It is selected only the first client group. Is needed a '@' before the group name.
//	ADMIN FLAGS (AdminFlags) --> They are selected following the cvar: 'sm_hextags_flagorder' by default: 'ztsrqponmlkjihgfedcba'. If a client has more flags, only the first will be selected.
//  Warden -> A player is warden. - Warden( )/MyJailBreak( )
//  Deputy -> A player is deputy. - MyJailBreak ( )
//	(TOTAL)ONLINE TIME (ActiveTime) --> This need mostactive( ) to work. Required time in seconds to get the tags. The '#' before the time is needed.
//	RankMe -> Support for KentoRankme( ). Required score to get this tag. The '!' before the time is needed.
//	TEAM (Team) --> Tag for a certain team name. CSGO Team names: CT, Terrorist, Spectator. Get the current team name with: /getteam .
//	To use a tag for everyone just put it in the main section "HexTags".
//	Params (only works from chat tags/colors): 
//  1. {time} --> Replaced with current time, format: HH:MM. This works only with ChatTags
//  2. {country} --> Replaced with player's country: XX (Country code 2 ex: IT, EN, US, ...). This work both with Score/Chat Tags.
//  3. {gang} --> Replaced with player's gang. ( )
//  4. {rmPoints} --> Replaced with player's rankme points. ( )
//  5. {rmRank} --> Replaced with player's rankme rank. ( )

All the text should put inside the HexTags sections:

    //PUT Content here!


    "ScoreTag"     "[ADMIN]"

so the player with STEAM_0:0:138675850 steam id will have the only score tag.


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