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FLAGS didn't actually need to catch &rest as the number of values (2)…

… is known.
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1 parent 2b55c8d commit ce3fa54256ff20898b16662797ad0d925d4cd265 @Hexstream committed
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8 info.lisp
@@ -25,10 +25,10 @@
(error "~S is not a for-as-arithmetic keyword." keyword)))))
(defun flags (keyword &key (errorp t))
- (multiple-value-call (lambda (kind &rest flags)
- (declare (ignore kind))
- (values-list flags))
- (kind keyword :errorp errorp)))
+ (multiple-value-bind (kind direction limit-kind)
+ (kind keyword :errorp errorp)
+ (declare (ignore kind))
+ (values direction limit-kind)))
(defun flags-to-keywords (direction limit-kind)

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