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Cobalt is a multiplatform utilities library for Kotlin. It has JVM and JS targets and contains modules for data binding, logging, eventing and networking. Note that Cobalt is only intended to be used from Kotlin projects and it is not optimized for JS nor Java projects.

Modules at a glance:

  • cobalt.core contains features which are used by all other modules.
  • cobalt.databinding is a data binding library with supports both uni-directional and bi-directional binding.
  • contains an event bus implementation which lets you send events with pub/sub semantics.
  • cobalt.examples contains usage examples for all Cobalt modules.
  • cobalt.html enhances the W3C DOM API with useful utility functions and also lets you use data binding with HTML elements.
  • cobalt.logging enables you to do logging in a very similar way as SLF4J works.
  • cobalt.networking can be used as an easy-to-use multiplatform alternative to Retrofit.
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