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package org.hexworks.zircon.api.grid
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.CharacterTileStrings
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.animation.AnimationHandler
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.behavior.*
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.uievent.UIEventSource
* This is the main grid interface, at the lowest level supported. You can write your own
* implementation of this if you want to have a custom grid handling algorithm
* but you should probably use one of the existing implementations.
* This interface abstracts a grid at a more fundamental level, expressing methods for not
* only printing titles but also changing colors, moving the cursor to new positions,
* enable special modifiers and get notified when the grid's size has changed.
* If you want to write an application that has a very precise control of the grid,
* this is the interface you should be programming against.
interface TileGrid
: AnimationHandler, Clearable, Closeable, DrawSurface, Layerable, ShutdownHook, Styleable, TypingSupport, UIEventSource {
val widthInPixels: Int
get() = currentTileset().width * width
val heightInPixels: Int
get() = currentTileset().height * height
* Writes the given `text` at the given `position`.
fun write(text: String, position: Position) = {
.drawOnto(this, position)