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package org.hexworks.zircon.api.grid
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.animation.AnimationHandler
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.behavior.Clearable
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.behavior.Closeable
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.behavior.Layerable
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.behavior.ShutdownHook
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.behavior.TypingSupport
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.view.ViewContainer
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.uievent.UIEventSource
* The [TileGrid] is the most fundamental interface in Zircon.
* It is an abstraction which lets you manage a 2D grid composed of [Tile]s.
* It also supports layering (see [Layerable] for more info), cursor handling
* and character printing through [TypingSupport], event handling through [UIEventSource]
* and simple [Tile] drawing operations through [TileGraphics] and animation handling
* with [AnimationHandler].
* You can consider a [TileGrid] as an easy to use **facade** for all your tile grid
* needs.
* **Note That** all [TileGrid]s have a [Layer] at index `0` which is used
* for implementing the [TileGraphics] operations and it can't be removed from the grid.
* In short all [TileGrid]s have at least **one** [Layer] in them.
interface TileGrid
: AnimationHandler, Clearable, Closeable, DrawSurface, Layerable,
ShutdownHook, TypingSupport, UIEventSource, ViewContainer {
val widthInPixels: Int
get() = tileset.width * width
val heightInPixels: Int
get() = tileset.height * height
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