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package org.hexworks.zircon.api.modifier
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.behavior.Cacheable
import org.hexworks.zircon.api.grid.TileGrid
* A [Modifier] adds an effect to a [Tile] when it is rendered on
* a [TileGrid]. There are two kinds:
* - [TileTransformModifier] transforms a [Tile] to another one before rendering
* - [TextureTransformModifier] transforms the texture of the [Tile] before rendering.
* Use [TextureTransformModifier]s, when you want a graphical effect, like glow, flipping,
* cropping, etc. Use [TileTransformModifier] when you want tile variations, or more elaborate
* effects, like [FadeIn], [FadeOut] or [Markov].
interface Modifier : Cacheable