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Firmware files for the Raspberry Pi
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kernel: Bump to 4.1.9

kernel: config: Add CONFIG_UHID
See: raspberrypi/linux#1148

firmware: gencmd: Add ability to dump display lists
See: raspberrypi/firmware#407

firmware: arm_loader: Enable hypervisor mode and modify common startup code for 2836
See: raspberrypi/firmware#369
latest commit eafa2ce331
@popcornmix popcornmix authored


Firmware files for the Raspberry Pi. These are mirrored in a seperate repo from the official one, because for updating the firmware, we're only interested in the files in the boot folder of the official repo. Git doesn't provide a way to clone only a single subfolder of a repo, and downloading the entire repo including the sample code and VC libs would take too long.

If the boot firmware files are split off into a seperate repo, then the tool could be pointed at that repo instead of this one, as long as the firmware files are in the root of the repo.

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