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Fix setting environment variables with sudo

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@@ -55,18 +55,18 @@ environment variables you must set if you wish to use them.
By default, `rpi-update` will attempt to update itself each time it is run.
You can disable this behavior by:
- UPDATE_SELF=0 sudo rpi-update
+ sudo UPDATE_SELF=0 rpi-update
- SKIP_KERNEL=1 sudo rpi-update
+ sudo SKIP_KERNEL=1 rpi-update
Will update everything **except** the `kernel.img` files and the kernel modules.
Use with caution, some firmware updates might depend on a kernel update.
#### `ROOT_PATH` and `BOOT_PATH`
- ROOT_PATH=/media/root BOOT_PATH=/media/boot sudo rpi-update
+ sudo ROOT_PATH=/media/root BOOT_PATH=/media/boot rpi-update
Allows you to perform an "offline" update, ie update firmware on an SD card you
are not currently booted from. Useful for installing firmware/kernel to a

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