Use rpi-update to distribute my own kernel #104

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notro commented Aug 12, 2013

I make framebuffer drivers for small TFT LCDs, and provide a prebuilt image for people to download:
Now I want to distribute the kernel, modules and firmware like rpi-update does.

Two questions:

Is it possible to change a line in rpi-update so I don't have to fork it:


Can you please share the script that is used to copy raspberrypi/firmware to Hexxeh/rpi-firmware ?


popcornmix commented Aug 12, 2013

This is script to copy firmware -> rpi-firmware

rm -rf rpi-firmware/*

mkdir -p rpi-firmware/modules
cp    firmware/boot/* rpi-firmware/
cp -a firmware/modules/*+/ rpi-firmware/modules/

mkdir -p rpi-firmware/vc/sdk/opt/vc
cp -a firmware/opt/vc/include/ rpi-firmware/vc/sdk/opt/vc/
cp -a firmware/opt/vc/src/ rpi-firmware/vc/sdk/opt/vc/

mkdir -p rpi-firmware/vc/softfp/opt/vc
cp    firmware/opt/vc/LICENCE rpi-firmware/vc/softfp/opt/vc
cp -a firmware/opt/vc/bin/ rpi-firmware/vc/softfp/opt/vc
cp -a firmware/opt/vc/lib/ rpi-firmware/vc/softfp/opt/vc
cp -a firmware/opt/vc/sbin/ rpi-firmware/vc/softfp/opt/vc

mkdir -p rpi-firmware/vc/hardfp/opt/vc
cp    firmware/hardfp/opt/vc/LICENCE rpi-firmware/vc/hardfp/opt/vc
cp -a firmware/hardfp/opt/vc/bin/ rpi-firmware/vc/hardfp/opt/vc
cp -a firmware/hardfp/opt/vc/lib/ rpi-firmware/vc/hardfp/opt/vc
cp -a firmware/hardfp/opt/vc/sbin/ rpi-firmware/vc/hardfp/opt/vc

pushd rpi-firmware
git checkout
rm vc/sdk/opt/vc/src/hello_pi/hello_video/test.h264

popcornmix commented Aug 12, 2013

rpi-update is updated.


notro commented Aug 14, 2013

Thanks, that worked fine.

notro closed this Aug 14, 2013

@mcdermj mcdermj pushed a commit to nwdigitalradio/rpi-update that referenced this issue Jun 17, 2016

@popcornmix popcornmix Allow REPO_URI to be overridden. ec1ef11
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