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rpi - update USB #121

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Hi Guys,
I booted the raspberry pi on the USB ( changing the cmdline.txt)
When I started rpi-update , just the files on the USB were updated.(as expected)
Is it possible to update the files SD Card too? (kernel.img,start.elf....)


They will be updated too. What image are you running? (was it based on raspbian or noobs?)
What is your cmdline.txt? How is sdcard and usb partitioned.
When you typed in rpi-update what is the output of:


@popcornmix I tested today one more time and no error message appeared.
Maybe my Pen-drive or my SD card was with bad contact.
Thank you for your attention.

@popcornmix popcornmix closed this

Happened again, now I'm 100% sure that is no bad contact,
It shows this message


Well, "No space left on device" is your problem.
Can you report output of "mount" to be sure /boot is mounted on sdcard FAT partition.
Can you run "ls -l -a /boot" to see what's on /boot?


I have free space available 3 gb +-
photo 1


Can you report output of:
cat /proc/partitions
df /boot


Your sdcard seems to be broken, but I can't say how.
I'd suggest installing a new sdcard image, running rpi-update checking that works okay.
Then try adjusting cmdline.txt to point to usb disk.


The SD card was auto unmounting .. that's where the problem was..
Thank you again for your attention

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