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rpi-update broke synergyc autostartup. #15

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yungblood Liam McLoughlin

I'm running debian on both my raspi and my desktop computer. Since I don't have a usb keyboard, I had to borrow one to get my raspi setup. I first setup ssh so I could get into my raspi. Then I setup gdm to auto start (edited my inittab file). I then setup synergy on both my computers. It was working well.

However, everytime I booted my raspi, I kept on getting errors about my SD card. After reading online, I found out about rpi-update to fix that issue. I ran rpi-update, and got the vchiq error. I deleted the .firmware_revision file, ran ldconfig, then reran rpi-update. Yes, booting up is much faster now. However, it seems to have broken synergy. It works partway through x starting, but dies now before I can log in.


Although I still don't completely understand what happened, it looks like it's not completely rpi-update's fault. I was using an older SD card. I rebuilt that image on a class 10 card, and ran the update, and it's running fine.

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