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Error when running on Arch Linux ARM #25

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Hi! When I'm running rpi-update on Arch Linux ARM, I get the following error:

[root@alarmpi log]# rpi-update 224
Raspberry Pi firmware updater by Hexxeh, enhanced by AndrewS
Performing self-update
Using ARM/GPU memory split of 224MB/32MB
Updating firmware (this will take a few minutes)
ERROR: could not open directory //usr/lib/modules/3.1.9+: No such file or directory
FATAL: could not search modules: No such file or directory

uname -a
Linux alarmpi 3.1.9+ #242 PREEMPT Wed Aug 1 19:47:22 BST 2012 armv6l GNU/Linux

ls /usr/lib/modules:
3.1.9-33-ARCH+ extramodules-3.1.9--raspberrypi

ls /lib/modules:
3.1.9+ 3.1.9-10+

I've seen a similar report in raspberry pi forum. Here's the link:
But I can't just use "pacman -S raspberrypi-firmware" because it's not the latest version. And I need the latest version to fix an HDMI issue.

Any idea? Thanks in advance.


I would suggest that you use an own PKGBUILD instead of rpi-update, because that's the way these things should be done on Arch Linux (this way you won't run into conflicts unsolvable by pacman)


I don't think it's about dependencies. In fact I installed rpi-update using an existing PKGBUILD script from AUR People there also ran into the same problem. I checked the script and I believe nothing is wrong.

Maybe it's related to the recent change on /lib directory to a simbolic link on Arch Linux? See:


It seems the depmod command looks in /usr/lib/modules, per default, and rpi-update puts the modules in /lib/modules. I've created a symlink /lib/modules, pointing to /usr/lib/modules, and that fixed the error.

# rm -rf /lib/modules && ln -s ../usr/lib/modules /lib/modules

Maybe the rpi-update script should check for the existence of /lib/modules/$(uname -r) and /usr/lib/modules/$(uname -r) to find out where the modules live.

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