Partial update breaking option. #3

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Bad advise on line 95 or 96:
echo "In Arch, try: pacman -Sy git"


What's the correct way of just installing Git on Arch then? I've only used Arch once very briefly on a Pi, so I'm not very familiar with pacman.


Pacman -S git would install git. If the system is outdated pacman -Suy would update system up-to-date.

My point is that as git requires curl and curl has been updated. pacman -Sy git would update curl and get newest git. That would be unsupported partial upgrade. If another package requires curl and it isn't updated, then that another package would be broken. And same goes with all dependencies.


Replaced the pacman args to be -S instead of -Sy, this should resolve this issue. If it doesn't, please reopen.

@Hexxeh Hexxeh closed this May 11, 2012
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