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Raspberry Pi firmware updater by Hexxeh, enhanced by AndrewS
Performing self-update
/boot/start.elf doesn't exist.

This comes when installing firmware to new system.

am I right that you need to check for start.elf because the default value for FW_RAM is 0, so to be able to install it on an empty system you should add a default FW_RAM:
if [[ ! -f "${FW_PATH}/start.elf" ]]; then
echo "${FW_PATH}/start.elf doesn't exist. can't detect ARM/GPU memory split."

best solution imho is to remove the check for start.elf, because you are setting a default value for FW-RAM already in detect_split.


Hexxeh commented May 27, 2012

That check is there to stop people hosing /boot on their desktops. Maybe we should add a FORCE flag to not abort in cases like this.

in the meantime, the shortest workaround is just to
touch /boot/start.elf

d1vious commented Aug 30, 2012

This seemed to work, had a brand new pi :-). Hexxeh thanks for the tool.

@Hexxeh Hexxeh closed this Dec 25, 2012

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