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rpi-update on stock (official) raspbian distro post update boot failure #42

sgallaty opened this Issue Oct 25, 2012 · 11 comments

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post rpi-update, raspberry pi 2.0 (512) model red light, no boot

issue :
missing loader.bin in boot

workaround :
copy backup of loader.bin to /boot.

rootcause :


Hexxeh commented Oct 25, 2012

loader.bin shouldn't be required anymore so far as I know, so I don't think that's the issue, unless you were trying to install an older version?


Solid red light without it - not sure why it would be looking for it, but perhaps this is an artifact of this being a raspbian image?


I guess I don't understand what configures the boot process to look for the static loader, or which static loader to look for. I need to understand that before I can diagnose this.


If loader.bin is required it suggests bootcode.bin wasn't updated correctly. Can you compare it with:
You could try
sudo rm /boot/.firmware_revision && sudo rpi-update
to force another update.

Hoall commented Dec 7, 2012

Hey guys out there. Before I start complaining: thank you for the great job your doing. I mean, you improved this little board so much.

So, now my problem. It's nearly the same as above described. I had to turn the power off in my flat. As I enabled it again I thought the Pi should boot properly but it doesn't.

When I plug in the power supply the red light starts shining and keeps so but the green light just flickers 2-4 times and this was it.

I read the above description. So here the history:

  • It a one month old raspbian installation.
  • Two days ago, at 5th December, I thought I try a firmware upgrade via rpi-update.
  • The script updated the firmware from 250 to somewhere in the 300. You'll know it better.
  • I did the reboot and it worked properly.
  • Today after a "hard" shutdown and no electricity for about 1 minute.

  • Maybe after the first plug in it went on to the other lights but I can't remember it exactly.

On the first partition were these files modified through the update:

bootcode.bin .firmware-revision fixup_cd.dat fixup.dat kernel_cutdown.img kernel_emergency.img kernel.img start_cd.elf and start.elf

In the directory are only three other files which are unchanged:

cmdline.txt config.txt issue.txt

A loader.bin file isn't existing. Don't know if there was one before. Any suggestions how I get it back running?


loader.bin is no longer used.
Do you see rainbow splashscreen when it boots? Do you get any linux booting messages?

Hoall commented Dec 7, 2012

Sorry, I run it headless... and now I know the problem. Again, after a month or so I lost the second SD card. I hate it. He can't find the root partition cause a block is defect or it seems so to me. Thank you for your quick response. I hadn't expected that. Damn SanDisk.

K1773R commented Dec 7, 2012

put it in ur PC and use fsck -f -y on the partition, maybe it can be fixed!

Hoall commented Dec 7, 2012

yeah, I'd run "e2fsck /dev/sdb2" without options and it fixed it. I tried your way with the other identical SD card and the raspbian os on it was unusable afterwards. Maybe I try it the next time, won't be long to that day...

With the old card I had directly after the installation defect inodes and so on. The bad thing was that shutdown -r was one of the corrupted files. So i could only use shutdown -h which was stupid.

So don't buy any SanDisk Class 10 16 GB Ultra cards...

K1773R commented Dec 7, 2012

i did screw up one today, altough the Card isnt screwd up, its just the filesystem! copy the image over again and retry. If you wanna test if your SDCard is broken use the tool badblocks (package -> e2fsprogs) but do it with write and read as read only test is useless on a SDCard.

Hoall commented Dec 7, 2012

I'll try that one on my other SD card. Thanks to you, the one I am using is working again. :)

@Hexxeh Hexxeh closed this Dec 25, 2012
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