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nylen commented Nov 3, 2012

I decided to make rpi-update behave more like how I wanted, so I thought I'd share. This pull request includes the following changes:

  • Readme updates and restructuring, based on Bengt's #20
  • Merged adammw's #14 to fix a possible BOOT_PATH and ROOT_PATH issue
  • Show a bunch more progress messages from different steps, including the ones from lacop's #17 and more
  • Show output from git, wget, cp - this helps to diagnose whether the update process is hung up or if it is still continuing
  • Prefix script messages with *** and errors with !!! to make it clear which output comes from the script and which comes from external commands
  • Add and document option to disable self-updating (UPDATE_SELF=0 rpi-update)

The commits aren't as cleanly separated as I'd like. If you don't want all of this stuff, let me know, and I'll try to clean up what you do want.


Hexxeh commented Dec 25, 2012

Happy to merge this, but you'll need to tweak it to merge cleanly to HEAD. Some of the changes you've included from other pull requests have now been merged, too.

Hexxeh referenced this pull request Dec 25, 2012


githubified the readme #20

Hexxeh closed this Dec 25, 2012


nylen commented Dec 31, 2012

Done. An updated pull request is at #51.

nylen referenced this pull request Dec 31, 2012


A bunch of changes (v2) #51

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