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Just started playing with this API a couple days ago. At first, I was able to fetch mp3 urls with my Spotify free account. But, now I can't. I even created a new account and a new facebook account, linked them together, and tried with that account, but that doesn't work either. Did Spotify do something on their side to disable it?

And with a paid account?


Hexxeh commented Mar 8, 2013

They officially launched today, and as part of that they appear have to blocked out access for non-Premium users via this API. I expected this to happen and whilst I can see how they've done it, I don't intend to attempt to circumvent this restriction.

If you like Spotify, buy a Premium account to support them: show the industry this is a great model for legally listening to music.


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There's going to be better quality options? I'm thinking about paying but I'm not convinced if it's only for 160kbps mp3

lupocos commented Mar 9, 2013

I know the thread has been closed, but I'll ask it anyway:

Could anybody confirm whether this API works with "Unlimited" accounts (4.99 £/month, no mobile) as well as with Premium ones?
I already have Premium -- I can confirm it's still working after the changes -- but I was wondering if the websocket-api would still work if I decided to switch to Unlimited.

And I think it should be fixed to give an error message stating that you are not Premium

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New account type limitations #9

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