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On Demand Live Regions

A tiny module for making screen readers announce text on demand, without a visual change to the interface. Initializing and using the live region is as simple as:

const liveRegion = new OnDemandLiveRegion()

liveRegion.say('Hello World!')


Just grab the minified version or install from NPM:

npm i on-demand-live-region

Settings object

  • level — the live region level (default: polite)
  • parent — the element to which the live region will be appended (default: body)
  • idPrefix — the prefix for the unique id generated for the live region (default: live-region-)
  • delay — the delay in milliseconds before the phrase is announced (default: 0)

Assertive example with a half second delay

const liveRegionDelayed = new OnDemandLiveRegion({
  level: 'assertive',
  delay: 500

liveRegionDelayed.say('Hello World! (sorry, delayed reaction)')

You can override the delay setting in a second argument when calling say:

liveRegionDelayed.say('Hello World! (sorry, delayed reaction)', 1000)

Say it over and over

Each time you use the say method, the extant live region (if it exists) is destroyed and a new one created. This means you can reliably make the same announcement multiple times. This is not guaranteed in other implementations, where a persistent live region is repopulated.

Tested in

  • Safari with VoiceOver
  • Chrome with VoiceOver
  • IE11 with JAWS
  • Chrome with JAWS
  • Firefox with NVDA
  • Chrome with ChromeVox


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