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Ghygen is a GitHub actions Yaml Generator.

Ghygen allows you creating your Yaml file for GitHub Actions, for Laravel/PHP web application, so you can:

  • select triggering events: manually or automatically, when the developer push the code on a specific branch, or a developer create a new Pull Request;
  • select branches;
  • enable caching for all vendors;
  • enable caching PHP packages;
  • select multiple PHP versions (8.0, 7.4, 7.3);
  • select multiple Laravel versions (8, 7, 6), useful if you are developing a Laravel Package and you want to test it with multiple Laravel version;
  • select Node version for NPM (npm run something);
  • caching node packages;
  • setup Mysql Database service;
  • setup PostgreSQL Database service;
  • setup Sqlite in memory database;
  • run migrations;
  • execute tests via phpunit;
  • static code analysis with phpstan or psalm;
  • code sniffer (via phpcs for PSR12 compatibility);
  • validate Yaml file;
  • execute Browser Test via Laravel Dusk.
  • Run Deployments via Ploi using Ploi Deploy Action.

This is a Work In Progress, we are adding new features...

If you want to test and use quickly this tool, I deployed the codebase (main branch) on Digital Ocean Platform:

If you want to start using it locally you can clone the repo and install it following the instructions below.


Clone source code, enter the new directory and perform a couple of instructions:

git clone
cd gh-actions-yaml-generator
cp .env.example .env
composer install
php artisan key:generate
npm i
npm run production

Then create your database and update the .env file with the right values for DB_* .

Once your Database is configured you can execute the migrations:

php artisan migrate

Start development server

php artisan serve

Open the browser to the URL:


Follow these steps:

  • access to the form (by default the URL is if you run php artisan serve);
  • fill the form;
  • click on "Generate Yaml File" button.


Next, copy the content of your generated Yaml in a new file in your Laravel project .github/workflows/laravel_workflow.yaml .

Commit and push the new file.

If you configured "On - Push" you will see the running Actions in your Actions section of your GitHub project.