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Yet another Twitch App
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YaTA - Yet another Twitch App

Build Status License

YaTA is a very opinionated Twitch chat client.


  • 💬 Whispers.
  • 🙃 Twitch & third party emotes.
  • 💰 Cheermotes.
  • 📖 User logs.
  • 🔨 Moderation tools.
  • 🔍 Custom highlights.
  • 🔫 Custom actions.
  • 🎬 Clips, Youtube, Straw Poll, Github previews.
  • 🗳️ Straw Poll creator.
  • 🔍 Search.
  • 🚀 And a lot more…


Go to the website!


  1. Fork & clone this repository.
  2. Install all the dependencies using Yarn: yarn install.
  3. Build & run the development version: yarn run start.


I don't really use the Twitch website as I watch streams in VLC using streamlink so I only used most of the time the Twitch popout chat. With the removal of the legacy popout chat and the new popout chat lacking very important features (like whisper support), I started looking for chat client alternatives providing most features included in the official chat and also some new ones.

As I couldn't find any proper alternative including all my requirements, I decided to build my own.


Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright © HiDeoo.

See LICENSE for more information.

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