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A cool Hackathon web app built within 12 Hours with React, TMDB's API & Love.
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Create - TMDB Hackathon Boilerplate

A React boilerplate for the TMDB hackathon held at Create, May, 2017

Reference Links

Getting Started

  1. Install Node.js (choose Current)

  2. git clone this repo

  3. Install dependencies (at the root of the repo):

    npm install

Setup TMDB

  1. Sign up - TMDB
  2. Verify your email
  3. Create an API Token
    • Click Create
    • Choose Developer
    • Accept the terms
    • Fill in the form
      • Type: Website
      • App Name and URL: your-name-tmdb-hackathon
      • Click Submit to see which fields are required (most are, just fill them in)
  4. Set your TMDB token under config/config.js > TMDB_API_TOKEN


Run webpack-dev-server

npm start
  • Open http://localhost:8080

Build the project for deployment

npm run build
  • Must use a server that redirects missing routes back to index.html

To run the build locally

npm i -g live-server
cd dist/
live-server --entry-file=index.html
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