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Game Source Documentation

The goal of this project is to produce complete language-independent documentations of video game source codes. A game's documentation can be considered mature once the information contained is sufficient enough for someone to produce an accurate port from that information alone without need for the original source code.

The documentation has to cover interpreting assets and implementation of game mechanics. It is not necessary, although appreciated, to document the exact implementation of a feature, as long as the documentation is sufficient enough to produce similar looking results. Hard-or software related implementation details only need to be documented if they are relevant, such as the endianess of numbers in asset files.


In short, there is no real license. For the information I have gathered feel free to make use of it, even commercially (unlikely, but just in case). As for information copied from somewhere else the source is always listed, so check the source directly. It would be nice if you credit me, but you don't have to.