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jSparc library

GPLv3 Travis Status

This contains the source code for the jSparc JavaScript library, which is used for a couple of web applications that can be found here: jSparc.

This project is intended to provide tools for high school students to work with HiSPARC data.

Documentation can be found here: jSparc docs.

Analysis sessions

A teacher can request a jSparc analysis session, when the server is done generating the data the students can use the login code provided to the teacher to start analysing coincidences (events detected by multiple stations).

Data retrieval

A web application to easily download data, look into the data and make many kinds of plots.

Event Display

Show the detection of station events and coincidences between stations in real-time on a map.

Trigger simulation

A webpage that simulates HiSPARC III electronics for a 2 detector station, flashing the trigger LED with an average event rate of 0.3 Hz.

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