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If you lock a chest put a Hooper on top hopper on bottom and then another chest you can take items from locked chest.


Yes but it still lets other people place a hopper and chest under a locked chest and it takes the items out the locked chest


yes i updated it blocks hoppers from being placed on top but not on bottom of chest


Seems to be working mostly for me (at least the non dangerous way is not working).

I can't place a hopper here: http://files.mcstats.org/66e8.png (top chest is not owned by me, bottom is)

But I can here: http://files.mcstats.org/ab44ef4.png (which siphons contents from my chest to the chest I don't own -- so it just fills their chest that I can't access)

At any rate update to a build #845+ ;-)


This is my problem http://imgur.com/vKA8g2P

top chest locked bottom is not stuff from locked chest goes into bottom one so people can steal from locked chest.


Yes, are you using #845+? I'm not able to do that on the latest build.


Hey @Hidendra,

I'm using LWC 4.3.2 Beta 2 and i have the same bug.


-> Informations:
I updated the plugin normally.
Then i changed the configuration file:
onlyProtectWhenOwnerIsOnline: false
onlyProtectWhenOwnerIsOffline: false
exemptBlocks: []
optOut: false
- 166
- 154

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