Delete Protections with WorldEdit #564

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Hi everyone,
We had this Plugin one time, and if we deleted the houses from a user with //set air, the protection still stood. That was why we changed to another Plugin. We'd like to put this Plugin on our server again, but we dont know: Is it possible to delete protections with a WorldEdit cmd? If that was possible, we could delete all protections with 1 cmd

Thanks for answers!
Best regards


You can use /lwc admin cleanup to make LWC go through each protection and delete each protection that no longer exists (LWC stores the block id it knows was protected. if the block ID in the world is no longer that then it removes it)

Alternatively if you have a WG region you can use /lwc admin purgeregion WGRegionName. It doesn't use the current selection at the moment


Thank you very much for this quickly answer 👍

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