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User Commands

/cpublic - Creates a public protection
Alias of: /lwc -create public or /lwc -c public
Anyone can use a Public protection, but no one can protect it.

/cprivate - Create a private protection
Alias of: /lwc -create private or /lwc -c private
Private means private: you can also allow other users or groups to access the block as well. This is done by adding them after "private". You can add more than one group and/or user per command.
When you prefix a User or Group with an '@', this User/Group will be able to modify the block and add other users. They cannot disable the owner from modifying it.

/lwc -c private Username g:Groupname @username2
/cprivate Username g:Groupname @username2

/cpassword - Password-protect a block
Alias of: /lwc -create password or /lwc -c password
Each time you login you need to enter the password to access it (if someone else knows the password, they can access it too).

/cmodify - Modify an existing protection, adding or removing users and/or groups.
Alias of /lwc -modify or /lwc -m
See /lwc create, the example for private protections. The same syntax is used for this command.
There's an additional prefix however. Writing a '-' infront of a User or Group removes the access from the block.

/lwc -m -g:Members - removes access to the chest for all Members
/cmodify -User1 @someguy - removes access to the block for User1 and gives SomeGuy advanced privileges
/cmodify town:SomeTown - grants access to the block for all members of SomeTown (Note: Tested with Towny)

/cunlock - Unlock a password-protected block
Alias of: /lwc -unlock or /lwc -u

/cinfo - Punch a protection to view information on it
Alias of /lwc -info or /lwc -i

/cremove - Removes protection from a block
Alias of /lwc -remove or /lwc -r

/climits - View the amount of protections you are allowed to own
Alias of /lwc -info limits or /lwc -i limits

/lwc mode <mode name> <on/off>

Persistent mode will let you perform your last command on multiple blocks, untill you turn it off.
/lwc mode persist <on/off> - Turns on/off the persist mode

Droptransfer mode makes dropped items automatically go to a designated chest
/lwc mode droptransfer select - Select the chest drops go to
/lwc mode droptransfer <on/off> - Enable/disable the droptransfer
/lwc mode droptransfer status - Display the status of the droptransfer

/lwc flag <flag name> <on/off>
Usable flags: magnet, redstone, autoclose, allowexplosions, hopper, exemption

Redstone: If "on", redstone can influence the protected block, e.g. open doors, disable hopper.
Alias: /credstone <on/off>
Magnet: Put nearby dropped items into the protected chest (or other blocks with inventories)
AutoClose: Automagically close a protected door if it was opened
AllowExplosions: Allows the protected block to be destroyed by an explosion
Hopper: Controls whether or not hoppers can be used on a protected block
Exemption: (Admin-only) Protection is exempt from being auto removed from LWC

/lwc flag hopper off
/lwc flag magnet on
For more information read Protection Flags

/lwc menu
The basic version of the menu displays basic commands like /cprivate and /cinfo. The advanced version lets you see more info and detailed commands.

Admin Commands

/lwc admin view - View a protected inventory as if you were standing beside it using the protection's id.
/lwc admin find - View all protections created by a player
/lwc admin forceowner - Change the owner of a protection
/lwc admin remove - Remove a protection by using its id
/lwc admin purge - Remove all protections by a player
/lwc admin cleanup - Attempt to cleanup the database
/lwc admin version - View the loaded LWC version and the latest available
/lwc admin update - Update to the latest version of LWC
/lwc admin report - View the LWC performance report
/lwc admin convert - Convert another plugin's database to LWC
/lwc admin clear - Either removes all protections or all permissions from the protections

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