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Node Description
lwc.protect The main permission node that should be given to players. It allows players to:
  • Create and remove their own protections
  • Viewing the owner of any protection
  • Setting non-Admin flags and modes
  • Unlock password-protected chests
This permission node is also effectively the same as the following permission nodes combined:
  • lwc.create.*
  • lwc.modify
  • lwc.unlock
  • lwc.remove
  • lwc.flag.*
lwc.deny Prevents players with this node from interacting with anything LWC can protect. For example, from opening or destroying protected and unprotected chests, furnaces, etc if protectable.
lwc.mod Allows the player to open any LWC protection, but does not give them destructive powers such as being able to remove a protection or access to /lwc admin
lwc.admin Gives the player absolute access to LWC. It gives them destructive powers along with the ability to view and remove any protection at will. The player can essentially delete every protection if they are not careful with one command. They also have access to any command under /lwc admin
lwc.shownotices Shows protection notices to the player. For example, when they click on a protection they can access, they will see `Notice: This XXXX is protected by YYY`. This is mainly useful for administrative roles so that you know that a chest you opened is protected by LWC and who it is protected by.

Advanced permissions

Node Description
lwc.admin.remove Allows the player to remove any protection using /remove or simply destroying the block normally.
lwc.admin.command Aside from lwc.admin.remove, any other lwc.admin permission only gives the command from /lwc admin.
For example, `lwc.admin.cleanup` will give the player access to just /lwc admin cleanup
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