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Raf VDL edited this page Jul 28, 2014 · 5 revisions
1. Why can't I edit specific graphs in the admin portal?

Default graphs - such as Global Statistics or Version Trends - cannot be edited. Only graphs that you created inside code can be modified. While in theory these graphs COULD be edited, this is done so that each plugin page has something in common and introduces a uniform look and feel (bar your own graphs of course)

For a full list of graphs that cannot be edited, please see default graphs

2. Why must my own custom graphs be below Global Statistics and above Server Locations?

Just like 1., it is done to keep a uniform look. When someone already familiar with the site looks at a plugin page, they will expect to see custom graphs in the same spot. This puts custom graphs prominently nearly at the top of the page so it should not cause any issues.

3. What does the Version Trends graph do !?

The question is asked quite a bit. See the default graphs page for an explanation of what each graph does (including Version Trends!)

4. Why can't I see the custom graphs I added?

As of September 16, 2012 new graphs are hidden by default. If you want to show a graph that is hidden you will need to log into the admin portal and change it in there.

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