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Hier Baut Berlin

A tool to visualize and inform citizens of Berlin about governmental decisions.

Build Status

You want to help? Awesome. Scroll through the issues, open a new one, or just send a short notice to We are happy about every person who wants to help.

Development setup

HierBautBerlin uses Elixir and Phoenix. Information on how to install Elixir can be found here.

As database it uses PostgreSQL.

After you installed everything, the setup is as follows:

make update
make setup
make start

Before you contribute code, please make sure to read the

This project is using yarn for javascript dependency management.

How to run the test suite

make check

You can also run the ExUnit tests in watch mode with:

make run-tests

Download geo objects

This system needs the list of streets and places of a city to have a working text parser. To download the data and parse them into the database you need to execute the ./bin/download_geo_objects.s script. It will download a couple of hundred megabytes of data.


The server is configured using ansible with this playbook and can be updated with:

ansible-playbook ansible/playbook.yml -i ansible/hosts --extra-vars '{"username": "***********"}'

Deploy is done by running:

VERSION=`git rev-parse HEAD`
make prod-build
scp build/hierbautberlin-$VERSION.tar.gz user@server:~/hierbautberlin
ssh user@server 'bash -s' < bin/ $VERSION


This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is part of the 9th batch of the prototype fund.

Logo of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research Prototype Fund Logo