trueChart-Menubar as visualization extension for Qlik Sense® allows for vertical and horizontal buttons and selections (fields, master dimensions and variables) as well as unlimited trigger based Actions. #trueChart #trueChart-Menubar #highcoordination
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The trueChart-Menubar allows for vertical and horizontal buttons and selections (fields, drill-down dimensions, master dimensions and variables) as well as unlimited trigger based Actions.

In addition, you can share apps with the current selection with a single click, as well as conveniently chain documents including current or changed selections to navigate between apps.

This visualization extension supports Qlik Sense® from version 3.0.0 up to currently latest version June and upcoming version September 2018 including exporting and story mode capability.

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trueChart Menubar Example


  • Responsive vertical and horizontal design
  • Create buttons and assign Triggers and Actions to
    • navigation through Qlik Sense and within self-created mashups,
    • one click app sharing and document chaining,
    • make selections (upon button click, after page loading, after selection, bevor navigation or based on your own JS-based custom trigger event),
    • created individual actions based on your own JS code,
  • Comprehensive Button Editor for button styling,
  • Create Select widgets to make selections from (drill-down) dimensions.
  • Create Date Picker widgets to select single, multi, range dates and custom ranges by one click
  • Create Variable widgets to set variable values just by a click, with variable sliders or by a variable input boxes
  • Maximum space gain by optionally hiding the Qlik Sense® menus (menu, selection and title bar) and Toggle fullscreen action
  • Reduction of visual noise by optional hiding of snapshot and maximizing buttons


What is new in trueChart-Menubar v1.3.x

New element Date Picker

The fully customizable new element Date Picker allows selecting single dates, multiple dates and date ranges for sense fields. With the support of dynamic date formats the Date Picker can select almost every possible date. Standardized and freely customizable date ranges allow a wide variety of date selections with just one click.

Date Picker Types

New element Variable Slider

The new element Variable Slider allows to modify the value of variables in different ways. Three different types are supported: single, range and multi slider.

Variable Slider Types

New element Variable Input

The new Variable Input allows you to modify the value of variables with an input field. Variable Inputs blend in with the menu and are only visible when the input is clicked.

Variable Input Types

Options to disable sense snapshot and maximize object buttons

Two new properties in the Sense property panel allow conditional hiding of the snapshot and maximize button.


Selection and navigation

Selection and navigation

Triggers and actions

Triggers and actions


Qlik Sense® Support

trueChart-Menubar supports Qlik Sense® from version 3.0.0 up to currently latest version June and upcoming version September 2018 including exporting and story mode capability.

nPrinting Support

The trueChart-Menubar does support nPrinting from version June 2018.

Browser Support

At present trueChart-Menubar supports the browsers listed below:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge (lastest version - v41, at the time of writing)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version – v61, at the time of writing)
  • Google Chrome (latest version – v67, at the time of writing)
  • iOS 11.2 or later

The indicated versions are the minimum conditions. In each case, the latest version is to be preferred.

Download and installation

Here you will find the official release version, which can be used directly in Qlik Sense®.

Get trueChart-Menubar!

Qlik Sense Desktop

For Qlik Sense Desktop, simply extract the contents of the ZIP file to your Documents/Qlik/Sense/Extensions folder.

Qlik Sense Server

  1. Enter the QMC and navigate to Manage ResourcesExtensions
  2. Click the Import button at the bottom,
  3. In the pop-up dialog, click on Choose File to browse the downloaded folder,
  4. Click on Import.


In order to further develop the trueChart-Menubar, the git-repo must first be cloned. Then perform locally the following step to build an extension that can be used in Qlik Sense®:

  1. npm install
  2. npm run build
  3. npm run zip -> builds/tcmenu-[version]


The trueChart-Menubar also includes a complete user documentation and from installation, configuration to use everything is explained. The documentation can be accessed through properties panel DisplayInfo via link Online Manual or directly here User Manual.




This project is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.

The project published here can be used directly, but without support. For trueChart-Menubar a commercial license including support can be purchased via HighCoordination. In particular, this includes support for future versions of Qlik Sense® and technical support.

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If you have any questions regarding licensing - please contact us.