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DOTA2 Api Client
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DOTA2 Api Client

Build status

Uses Dota API download through a web API info about dota heroes, matches, leagues, teams, and items. Its primary function is to download match data.

Project Status:

  • Can download match details. Yippy!
  • Can download account history. Yippy!
  • Can download teams. Yippy!
  • Can download leagues. Yippy!
  • Add all missing API functions and models

Getting Started

To download download the data in json format call one of the functions with the appropriate parameters.

You can now download this project as a NuGet package through Nuget Gallery


See the LICENSE file.


If you have any questions, you can tweet us at @DotaHGV

Authors and Acknowledgments

Crystalys is maintained and development by HGV, a leading Dota 2 data visualization and analysis web site. HGV's Team:

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