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Welcome to Bootstrap Stroke Icons project

Bootstrap stroke icons (BSS) is free of charge vector icon set created for famous Twitter Bootstrap project. Glyphicon set is used by default and Bootstrap version 3.2 contains 200 icons. BSS uses stroke style and contains 205 fully compatible icons.

Live example

Just save and open preview example of the icons.
Bootstrap stroke icons

How to enable

Simple and fast solution with CDN

We already prepared for you ready to use files.

  • After Bootstrap installation replace file refererence from bootstrap.min.css to corrected one at jsdelivr in the HEAD section of your page. To use Bootstrap 3.2.0 with Bootstrap-Stroke font just add reference to
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

This is it.

bss-bootstrap.3.2.0.min.css is a based on bootstrap.min.css and differs only in font reference.

CDN provided by jsdelivr is a file hub with fast access from any world point.

Advanced solution

For experienced users we provide .less files for private customization. After downloading Bootstrap source files make changes to the next files in less folder:

  • Copy icons.less file from our source to Bootstrap less folder.

  • Inside Bootstrap project edit bootstrap.less file and remove or comment line @import "glyphicons.less";, then include line @import "icons.less";

  • Edit variables.less file and change Iconograpfy variables to

//** Load fonts from this directory.
@icon-font-path:          "../fonts/";

//** File name for all font files.
@icon-font-name:          "bootstrap-stroke"; // default: "glyphicons-halflings-regular";

//** Element ID within SVG icon file.
@icon-font-svg-id:        "bootstrap-stroke"; // default: "glyphicons_halflingsregular";

//** Font family name
@icon-font-family:        'Bootstrap stroke'; // default: "Glyphicons Halflings";

//** Prefix is used in icons class declaration 
// <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-star">
// <span class="bss bss-star">
@icon-font-prefix:        bss; // default: glyphicon;

Customize on your needs the font variables and then compile bootstrap.less to css file.

How to use

Applying css file from jsdelivr CDN there will not be any changes in using icons. Same code is valid as in Bootstrap project, for example <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-star" />.

In case of custom prefix like @icon-font-prefix: bss; use <span class="bss bss-star" />.

Read more about icon applying at Bootstrap Help.


Code: MIT, fonts: Creative Common 2.0