Ark interacting with Philips Hue light
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Interaction between Ark and Philips Hue lights.


Python installation

Python can be downloaded here.

For further informations on how to install Python on your operating system :

Windows guide

Unix guide

OSx guide

Pip installation

Pip come bundled with the most recent versions of Python, but in case it wouldn't be get it here

Dependencies installation

As a last step it's required to install the requests library to be able to use this application, to do so :

$ pip install requests

That command will install the requests library globally on your system, to contain it a bit more virtualenv is here

Running it

Once everything installed, you should edit the configuration file to suit your needs, the only parameter really necessary to update is the bridge_ip one and maybe the light_id one too.

After that, you should be able to execute the script like this :

$ python

And voilà, colors changing based on Ark Price !


You can edit any values present in the configuration file to match your preferences.