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ONEX is a Proof-of-Stake Token on the Ethereum Classic Network.

What is ONEX

Proof-of-Stake Token on Ethereum Classic Network. This is an alternative method to the more widely known process used by bitcoin; Proof of Work (POW). While keeping tokens holders protection in mind, ONEX utilizes ERC223 token standard. ONEX is the first to implement the Proof-of-Stake mechanism on Ethereum Classic, meaning that holders of ONEX can earn some extra tokens just by holding ONEX for a period of time, greater than or equal to The Minimum Coin Age.

Specifications of ONEX Network

  • Name: ONEX Network
  • Symbol: ONEX
  • Decimals: 18
  • Standard: ERC223 & PoSTokenStandard
  • Platform: Ethereum Classic
  • Maximum Total Supply: 10,000,000 ONEX
  • Initial Supply: 1,000,000 ONEX
  • Distribution: Free Airdrop
  • Minimum Coin Age: 3 Days
  • Maximum Coin Age: 90 Days
  • ONEX Annual Interest
    • 1st Year Interest: 100%
    • 2nd Year Interest: 50%
    • 3rd - 15th Year Interest: 10%


Website | Twitter | Telegram