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Useful (?) slash commands and miscellaneous integrations for Slack.

Built with Nancy and can easily be hosted as a free Azure Website.

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Setup instructions for the /todo feature can be found here.

Todo list

A simple todo list per conversation (channel/direct message/private group). Use the /todo command together with one of the supported operators to manage the list. Operators are:

  • [empty] Displays the list to you.
  • show Displays the list to everyone in the conversation.
  • add [text] Adds an item to the list. The item gets a numeric ID automatically.
  • tick [id] Marks an item as "done".
  • untick [id] Marks an item as "not done".
  • remove [id] Removes an item from the list.
  • trim Removes all ticked (done) items.
  • clear Removes all items.
  • help Display usage information.


/todo add Update SlackCommander readme
/todo add Get coffee
/todo add Get to inbox zero

SlackCommander /todo response

/todo tick 1
/todo tick 3
/todo show

SlackCommander /todo show response

As stated above, each conversation gets its own list and everyone in the conversation is free to manage it. Use the Slackbot channel if you want a personal list, or create a private group with no other members (good for todo-per-topic).

Whois lookup for e-mail addresses or Twitter handles

/whois [e-mail address]
/whois [Twitter handle]

Performs a lookup and sends a brief summary of who the person behind the e-mail address or Twitter handle is to the current channel. Requires a FullContact API key (the free tier currently includes 250 lookups per month).


/whois @SlackHQ

SlackCommander responds to the current channel with something similar to this:

SlackCommander /whois example response

Misc. integrations

  • MailChimp webhook for new subscribers - automatically posts a notification to a preconfigured Slack channel about the new list signup + initiates a whois lookup (which is also posted to the channel when complete).

  • Send e-mail to Slack - set up a Mailgun route to forward incoming e-mail to any Slack channel.

Mailgun route details

Filter expression: match_recipient("^(?P<slackChannel>[\w]+)\.(?P<webhookId>[\w]+)$")

Action: forward("\g<webhookId>/\g<slackChannel>")

(webhookId should be a hard-to-guess token to prevent spam etc.)


Useful (?) slash commands and miscellaneous integrations for Slack.




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