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Every time you save something to a git repository, it prepares a list of changes from the previous version and signs it off with your signature. In this case your signature is just your name and your (unique) email id. So let us tell Git that information.

$ git config --global "First Last"
$ git config --global ""

Also tell Git about our proxy servers just in case, although it should detect your $http_proxy and $https_proxy environment variables.

$ git config --global http.proxy "http://proxyUser:proxyPassword@proxy:proxyPort/"
$ git config --global https.proxy "http://proxyUser:proxyPassword@proxy:proxyPort/"

Setting Up Visual Merge / Diff Tools

Meld is a very nice (and free) visual diff / merge tool. A diff tool is a utility that opens two files side-by-side and shows the differences between them. To setup Meld,

$ sudo apt-get install meld

Now let us integrate it with Git.

$ git config --global diff.tool meld
$ git config --global merge.tool meld

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