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Manage your Project Zomboid server, start, stop, restart, save, update, status and reset
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Manage your Project Zomboid server, start, stop, restart, save, update, status and reset.


  • A steam account and steamcmd install
  • A copy of Project Zomboid

Install and put it near your Zomboid server, /home/steam/ for example.


parameter description default
STEAM Define the absolute path where installed steamcmd /home/steam/steamcmd
INSTALL Define the installation directory of Zomboid, by default it's in your STEAMCMD folder /home/steam/steamcmd/zomboid
DATA Define the absolute path of the directory (Zomboid) containing backups of the players, the map, the database and configuration /home/steam/Zomboid
IP Define listening IP, default to all interface
ADMINPASSWORD Set the admin password to access the in game admin console myawesomepassword
# Set variables
## Steamcmd path; /home/steam/steamcmd

## Zomboid install path (in steamcmd?); /home/steam/steamcmd/zomboid

## Zomboid data path (settings and saves); /home/steam/Zomboid

## Which IP listening?

## Set secretly your adminpassword


name command description
start ./ start Start server
stop ./ stop Stop server
restart ./ restart Restart server
save ./ save Save server
status ./ status Check if server is online or not
update ./ update Update server
reset ./ reset wipe server; map and players data will be reset


  • Deletes all zombie_X_Y.bin files so the zombies are reset to their intial numbers and placement.
  • Deletes map_t.bin so the server's clock is reset.
  • Deletes map_meta.bin so all the alarms are reset. This also removes any custom zones that prevent too much fishing/foraging.
  • Deletes reanimated.bin so any player zombies are removed.
  • Deletes all zombie corpses, items on the ground, items in containers, and blood splatter.

Changes the server's ResetID in the Zomboid\Servers\SERVERNAME.ini file. The causes the client to delete the map data when joining the server again, so it will be redownloaded from the server. Player files are saved on the client in map_p.bin files; these files are not deleted when doing a soft reset. There is no way for the server to remove the map_p.bin files, players must be deleted themselves their files to make a complete wipe.

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